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Ervin, Portrait of a Universal Man

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Author Gyorgyi Szabo was Ervin Laszlo’s Personal Assistant for many years and travelled around the globe with him on numerous occasions. A highly accomplished Hungarian-born world citizen herself, Gyorgyi participated in the lectures and seminars with Ervin and met with countless fascinating thought-leaders from all walks of life.She undertook to recount these experiences in a story-telling style that is both witty and profound. Her book provides us, the reader, with a unique inside-look at the life, thinking, and personality of whom many consider the greatest living philosopher of our time.

“Gyorgyi Szabo’s book illuminates the many gifts of a renaissance man dedicated to a deep understanding the nature of the universe and a hopeful path for the human journey. This book takes us inside the complex life and work of Ervin Laszlo – a compassionate global citizen who encourages us to awaken as a species and move from a path of devastation to one of transformation.”

Duane Elgin, author of The Living Universe,
Awakening Earth, and Voluntary Simplicity

Gyorgyi went on to present a doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne, the historic University of Paris on the work of Ervin Laszlo, for which she received a Ph. D. with the highest distinction. Dr. Szabo is looking forward to her continued collaboration with her friend and mentor – Ervin Laszlo.

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