Human Soul Revealed, The


Unlocking the Mysteries from Beyond

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Have you ever wondered about the true nature of the Soul, about the role it has in your life and how Souls are aspects of a unifying higher consciousness. If so, where is it and how does it function? The answers to these questions and more are given in this book.

Australian author, Monika Muranyi, has compiled the latest teachings about the Human Soul from the expansive collection of the KRYON information. For over twenty-five years the loving messages of Kryon, as given by Lee Carroll (the original Kryon channel) have become known and acknowledged world-wide. This book, the third in the Kryon trilogy series, represents an amazing job of researching this KRYON information, and compiles and explains the many attributes of the Human Soul in detail. Also included is current information never before published in any other Kryon book that help tie together this complex subject of who we really are.

The piece of God in you, appropriately, is a part of the Creator. It’s about as much as you can hold with the current efficiency of the DNA, existing at the energy-rate that it is now… What would you be like if you could hold just a little more of your Soul? And if you did, and you had more of God in you, what would that be like? How would it affect you, your family, humanity in general, if they also had the same thing? What would happen to the Earth? Dear ones, with spiritual evolution, you don’t get smarter, you become wiser. You become more compassionate. When you have more God inside, the sweetness and beauty of humanity itself will be the prime directive, not the drama, the killing, or darkness. Wisdom creates solution.

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